Saturday, March 26, 2011

getting started.... last year head start

So here is what we did to get the garden started. First we built it (last year). We choose the best spot we could which was not ideal. Ideally your garden needs lots and lots of sunlight, well, not a whole lot of that in space that is not popular with the minions! So we chose to put our garden just beyond the back fence and rather close to our trees. Hmmmm.... as previously posted it was a learning experience. Our garden is 8 feet wide and 24 feet long. It is a raised bed of about 1 foot and surrounded by used railroad ties. Big heavy railroad ties! Needless to say, even if I wanted to for the sake of sun, Andy has vetod moving the garden and just cut the trees back this year! Plus I don't think that Israel would help again. He swore a lot at me last year after he had to help Andy move them. Sorry, I couldn't pick them up! Let alone carry the dang things!

Basically all we did was lay out the ties 3 long and 1 wide. hammered some rebar down through the wood and ground (3 foot lenghth) to hold in place, not that there was a lot of danger of the things moving!) Tilled the ground up, removing what we could of the grass, laid newspaper to help keep weeds out and filled in with about 2 1/2 truckbed fulls of good workable soil bought from Good Earth, garden mix.

Thankfully we were able to just back up the truck through the yard and shovel it from the bed of the truck! And voila! Instant garden... well almost instant. It took us about 5 days of hard work, mostly Andy, but I tried to help.driving in the re-bar....

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