Sunday, March 20, 2011

Restoration of the Senses... all of our senses

Deciding how to start can be tricky for anything. There is just always so much to consider. I find this to be the one unchanging thing in my life! No matter what I do, getting started is the most difficult, so we will try this... The Bartlett Family, Andy, Mindy, Izzy, Xander, and Dimon- however unwillingly- are finding their path to Sense. We are starting by way of a garden. After 10 years of marriage and 3 kids later, Andy and I last year finally built a garden and planted. It was definitely a learning experience. After hours of backbreaking work to build the thing, I neglected it because of work and just being plain tired and yielded a very sad amount of food.

However we have our hearts set on it this year as well as our extended families hearts set on it. Plus we have a growing buddy this year! Melanie, Joe and Bria, albeit a long-distance gardening buddy-set! But we will take all the encouragement we can get! We plan to be rather productive this year by not only having a 'regular' garden, but we also have cold frames in place, that while started late will still be used, as well as hanging mini gardens and maybe some extensive hanging gardens. We also want to try a few other ideas out. I fully intend to faithfully record all highs and lows. Even if we fail utterly and will try my hardest not to let myself take the blog down if that happens! So here starts, the first day of spring, let The Garden Wars begin!!!

and yes we also have a garden gnome!

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